Black Hills

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Black Hills, Arizona.

Black Hills, Arizona.

Here is another from the Black Hills, Arizona.

Photographing poppies is a bit of a trade-off because they tend to closed around sunrise and sunset.  So the better the light, the less of a wildflower show.  As you can see here in the photo at last light – many of the wildflowers are nearly closed.  Fortunately these fields are so dramatic that they still look great!

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  1. Quite a color show!

    “they tend to closed around sunrise and sunset. So the better the light, the less of a wildflower show”
    Absolutely true :/// Guess the best light for poppies and landscape is during the day with some dramatic clouds, not too cloudy though… so the flowers are open and we still have some interest in the sky.. 😉

  2. I was in Phoenix 2 weekends ago and there are more flowers on plants than I have seen in many years of visiting my in-laws. All that rain over the winter helped immensely. We saw some huge flowers on cactus.

  3. They were still good on Monday and Tuesday. I think there will be good patches for at least a couple more days but they are fading. I’m sure glad I went down! The closed petals during the golden hour were not much of a problem with this bloom!

  4. Post
  5. Hey Ron,

    Wow – that’s a big difference. I like the previous one more.

    Not shooting too many flowers here yet. I did ski some, though.



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