Blue Ice

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An iceberg from Aialik Glacier, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska.

An iceberg from Aialik Glacier, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska.


This was taken during a dark, stormy and rainy day in Kenai Fjords National Park this summer.  Such conditions really help emphasize the blues in glacier ice.

This seemed like a fitting post given our recent weather.  My home town of Seward was declared a disaster area after days of heavy rain – footage of the flooding was on the Today Show this morning.  We are fine, our house is dry, but my heart goes out to my many friends battling flooding at their homes right now – really makes me sad to see such destruction.  The rain finally stopped today, but another large storm arrives tonight.

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  1. That sounds rough Ron. Hope your friends will make it through ok.

    Great image btw. How were you able to get so close to the glacier? It seemed rather dangerous when I went there.

  2. Love the close up of the iceberg!

    Sorry to hear of the troubles Ron. Sad to think of the lovely little town of Seward having such devastation. Stay safe and dry and hoping for the best for your friends. Seems as if the weather has so many extremes anymore…either too hot and dry or way too stormy and wet. What do you suppose Cataract Cove looks like with all that rain.

  3. Post

    Well the rain just continues. Seward was one of the lead stories on the Today Show Friday. Thanks everyone for the thoughts!

    @Richard. This was a float ice berg and not the glacier itself, so we were able to motor right up to it.

    @Ron I know! It was raining really hard when we were there during this years tour and it was going off!

    @Andrew Thanks! We are good here. Last I heard, Bill’s house was fine, but his yard was getting scoured by flowing water and his power has been off for days. He headed out of town to get a break.

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