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Bobcat, Desert Photo Retreat, near Tucson, Arizona.

Bobcat, Desert Photo Retreat, near Tucson, Arizona.

Yesterday in the late afternoon I was working on the computer in our RV when I heard the birds all flush at once.  This happens a couple of times a day, and I usually jump up and try to find the bird of prey that lead to the panic.  Well yesterday I was surprised to see something working its way through the Ironwood.  At closer look I realized it was a bobcat!  It came down and drank for some time from our water drip next to our RV, then looked around and finally slowly walked away.  My heart was racing with excitement!  I have seen them on the game cam at night, but have never been able to photograph one until yesterday.

About a half hour later, I cut across a small wash near our to meet an arriving guest.  I was startled when the bobcat appeared just 5 feet away from me and then slowly walked off!  He had been hiding there the whole time.  Ten minutes later I would see the top of his back above a boulder as it slowly made its way back down to the feeders!  It clearly didn’t mind my presence.  However, that little ground squirrel that keeps eating on my flip flops better be aware!

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