Bradford Washburn passes away

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Bradford Washburn past away last night at age 96.  Bradford was a great climber, and an amazing photographer.  His aerial photos of Denali and Mt. McKinley are unmatched to this day.  The prints made from his huge 8 x 10 negatives have incredible detail, I find my self getting lost just staring at them.  You can see many of his Denali prints on display in the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge in the bar area that also houses a climbing museum.

The Boston Globe has a story about his passing.  The story doesn’t include any of his photos.  I would anticipate that the Anchorage Daily News will run a story about Bradford tomorrow.  Stories about Bradford in past articles in the Daily News have usually included many of his best images.  If they do they same tomorrow, I will add a link to the article.

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