Brett Simpson Wins Katin Pro/Am

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The finals of the Katin Pro/Am in Huntington Beach, California were amazing as the surfers continued to throw down huge tricks as they out did each other.  Above is a 9 frame sequence that caputures Brett Simpson’s winning wave as he came from behind to win the title.  I wish I could have had a lower perspective, this was shot from above on the pier, and the high perspective tends to minimize the appearance of just how high he was on the maneuver.  What I thought was cool, but may not be visible in the small version I posted here – in the second to last photo where Brett is completing the landing, he already has a huge smile on his face.

Here are a couple more photos of the Katin Pro/Am.

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    Thanks Richard,

    It was Monday and Tuesday. They allowed for five down days for weather, but with favorable wind and waves, they did the whole thing over the first two days.

    I didn’t know about it until I saw them setting stuff up Sunday afternoon. I’m kinda surprised they didn’t try to do it on a weekend.


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  4. It’s too bad you have to work so hard. You should try to relax. You know, go to the beach, watch the surfers, enjoy the weather… Have fun!! 🙂

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    Hey Richard – yeah I guess we were fortunate.

    Hi Tawny – LOL! Yeah, kind of reminds me of the saying life’s a beach. That’s the saying right.



  6. I love all of your surfing images, in this series Brett’s exhilaration is quite obvious – I was only sorry that the images are so small, it makes it harder to dive into them.

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    Thanks Kimberly,

    I wanted to post larger versions, but a lot of people subscribe via email, and I was worried about sending 11 large photos out in a single post. I will eventually have larger versions on our website.


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