Bridge to Nowhere Photo

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Bridge to Nowhere Photo

Bridge to Nowhere photo, Ketchikan, Alaska.

Last summer while I was in Ketchikan, I hiked up the hill above town to get a better perspective of the destination for the “Bridge to Nowhere”.  I never did anything with this photo, once the funding was lost and the project fell out of the news, the image had little value.  Now, thanks to recent news events, this image just may have a life after all. 

This is looking from Ketchikan across the Tongass Narrows to Gravina Island, the destination of the bridge.  The little bit of development you do see on Gravina Island is the Ketchikan Airport, currently serviced by a ferry.  It seems like a small gap for such an expensive bridge, but this is the same channel the cruise ships use to enter town, so I imagine it would have had to be a very tall bridge. 

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    Hi Ricard,

    Yeah the downtown area is a pretty dense, but there are a couple roads leading out of town to some less populated and much more scenic areas.

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    Hey Jim,

    No, I don’t have pictures of any of those folks, I don’t even have any photos of the Wasilla City Hall – that would probably sell. I might be missing out on some business opportunities. Sarah is speaking in Anchorage on Saturday, but I would rather be in Denali – that’s where I’m heading!



  4. Thanks for sharing! Nice to actually see where my tax dollars were supposed to be spent (hope you enjoyed them even if you didn’t get the bridge… 🙂 ).

    Based upon your other photos from Ketchikan, it looks like all the money was needed because it was to be a tall bridge so the cruise ships could get underneath it!

    Milk the next few months for all you can license wise, nothing like a local celebrity to drive your image sales.

  5. Ah, Ketchikan is my hometown 🙂

    I think part of the cost also included some pretty extensive roads that would need to be built. There were a few different options created for the bridge and I’m not sure what the final decision was as I moved from the area a few years ago, but I know several of the plans had the bridge quite a ways south of town, which would mean having to build a new road over on Gravina through an area that is not currently developed.

    And yes, the cruise ship issue is a huge money costing factor as well as far as how big the bridge would have to be.

    Good luck getting some of your photos licensed/sold during the next few months! I’ve really enjoyed your photos.

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  7. You guys do an amazing job! You need to come visit the Clearwater/St.Pete area of Florida. We have beautiful beaches with white “sugar” sand That would make for some gorgeous photos. Keep up the great work!

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