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  1. What an exraordinary photo!! Did it stun you or had you seen it already?? Just stunning photography!!

  2. Ron: Looks like you were lucky to get this shot, just at the right place at the right time. I like to photograph bears to, but most of mine have been in Yellowstone. I like looking at your blog daily. Hope I can sell a image or to sometime.

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    Thanks everyone!

    I was pretty close – I was looking straight across at eye level, but between me and the bear was a small gorge and river, so there was much more distance between us then it appears.

    Hi Beth. I was watching the bear fish for salmon in the stream below me. She caught a salmon and dragged it into the vegetation. I knew she was there, but could hardly see her until she looked up we she heard a car door and looked up. I was standing by a road.



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  5. Awesome, love the “peaking” shots. Very intimate view. Also makes you wonder, what else have we walked by in the woods, and never seen?

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    Thanks Dave,

    Yeah, I bet you and I have wondered by some cool stuff over the years without knowing it!


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