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  1. Ron,
    That’s a cute little guy in an engaging posture. I’m hoping for some bear cub photo action in the next few months. Did you see many cubs in the area? Also, the image does not look like it was taken with a super telephoto, what lens did you use?

  2. Thanks for taking the time for a nice visit last weekend. Nice seeing your crib! Wish I was with you shooting bears at Katmai; perhaps another time. It looks like a blast and a lot more productive than my waiting 8 hours for 30 minutes of shooting. I look forward to more images.

  3. Post

    Thanks Dennis

    I miss you too Janine!

    Thanks Patrick. There is a sow with two spring cubs, and another with one, along with some year and a half old cubs – there are probably more, but those two sows have been really cooperative. This was taken with a 600 plus a 1.4 converter I believe on a Canon 1Ds III.

    Hi Milo – hey it was great to see you again as well – I’m glad you looked us up! You would love it over here!

    Thanks Nina!

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