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  1. Ron, based on the head on position of the bear, placing him dead center adds to the feeling that he might charge you at any moment. If you had him positioned the same way and off to one side or the other, this photo wouldn’t be as strong.

    You know the saying…all photographic rules are meant to be broken at the right time!

    You and Richard keep posting all these great bear photos and I may have to sign up for next year’s trip! 😉

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    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for you insight on the positioning – I agree. Hey, I would love to have you along next year – it really is an amazing experience!

    Thanks Edward. According to my camera, I was 35 meters away.

    Thanks Richard – I’m not surprised!

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    Thanks Dennis – there were some huge males over there – I just haven’t posted any photos of them yet – most looked pretty tough with lots of scares, etc.

  4. Beautiful image Ron. I think what I like most about this is the softness around the perimeter of the bear. It is a really unique look. Centered works for me here.

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