Brown Bear Sow and Cub

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Brown Bear Sow and Cub

Brown bear sow and cub, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

This sow was able to repeatedly dig up clams with incredible effectiveness.  On the other hand, the poor cub dug and dug, but was never able to find a single clam – at least while I watched.  I don’t think it had learned exactly where to dig just yet.  After awhile, the cub went over and began watching his mom very, very closely – it was really fascinating to watch.  I don’t know if he was a very attentive student, or just really hungry!

Since we have some brief internet access, I thought I would post a quick update.  As you can probably tell, we are having an awesome trip!

Here are more brown bear photos.

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  1. Really tight shot Ron. From seeing your shots the past few weeks, I’d think you were a F/T wildlife shooter if I wasn’t familiar with your other photos.

  2. A very cute and interesting sow and cub photo. Special moment captured wonderfully. I don’t think I’ve seen special moments of sow and cub in pictures before, thanks for sharing this one.

  3. That’s a phenomenal image, Ron! What an amazing moment you’ve captured…impressive work!!

  4. Ron, can you be my tour guide next time I’m in Alaska? 🙂

    I’m joking. We had a great time in your state — but we didn’t get to see grizzlies this close (no matter how long a lens you used).

    Great photo!

  5. Post

    Hey thank you very much everyone!

    What a great trip – I will share more about it soon.

    Great to hear your trip went well Ben!



  6. Great pic. That cub better master that clam -digging soon, huh? He may be on his own very soon.

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