Brown Bears Mating

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Brown bears mating, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

Brown bears mating, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

We were able to see some unique behaviors during my bear trip a few weeks ago.  I have seen mating behavior in the past in Denali from over a mile away!

These two were interrupted by a much larger, scarred up boar.  There were some intense moments as the two males interacted – we were really thinking we were going to see the creation of new scars as these two battled, I didn’t hold a lot of hope for this pretty boy we nick named Casanova.  But, once things settled down, the big boar finally left and these two resumed their cub making activities.

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    LOL – I debated about even posting it, and wonder if it has much marketability, but decided what the heck.

  3. Hi Ron,
    I just ran across a large grey Wolf yesterday.My dog sensed it first,then I saw it squatting down,like it was going to stalk us.I started toward it and called out.I had thought it was a coyote which I see often.I called out agin and a small coyote came out on the trail behind it,when the coyote saw us he took off.But the wolf stayed close till I was 30 ft or so.He went down a trail in the river bed and crossed to the other side .We stood there staring at each other,then all the sudden he went in a submissive pose and layed down.We stood there staring.My dog is 80lb. american bulldog female.I was wondering would that be a tactic to lure us over to it or do you think he was avoiding a fight?I have never seen one and I have seen wolf hybred’s I use to groom,he definately was a grey wolf about 110 lbs .Thanks for your insight.

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    Hi Glenda,

    That is some story! Wolves can be fairly curious – I’m thinking it might have been interested in your dog. I know there used to be a wolf near Juneau that liked to play with other dogs. That said, I wouldn’t have taken any chances, I would have been a bit uncomfortable although I really don’t think it would try to attack you and a large dog.

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