Bug’s View of Verbena

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I really like this small, colorful ground flower that is very thick in some areas of Anza-Borrego.  For this photo, I placed an extension tube on my 17-35 lens.  I set the lens at 17mm and f/22 and then laid my camera amongst the flowers and started firing away.  It was fun to see what I was getting – I would check images on the back of the camera, and try again.  The extension tube allows for very close focus.  The flowers in focus are less than an inch away.

This was from a couple of days ago.  Unfortunately, hard winds have made the last couple of days unproductive for photography, I feel bad for all the people who came out here to see the amazing bloom.

Update:  It is actually raining fairly steady Saturday evening.  Few things in life smell as good as a fresh rain in the desert!

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  1. Thanks for the update Ron. It was partly cloudy most of the day here, then late afternoon it started pouring hard and windy for about 20 min. I’m sure you are getting a taste of that as well.

  2. Ron:

    Really enjoying your travels in a vicarious manner while I’m stuck at a desk job. I’ve never played with extension tubes, but this looks like fun.

  3. Post

    Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate it!

    Just took a quick peak at your blog Phil – you are right – that’s funny!

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