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Bull Elk, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Bull Elk, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

The are lots of elk here!   In my opinion, this a a better place for photographing elk then even Yellowstone or Jasper.  And the rutting behavior is sure fascinating to watch.  Large bulls round up a groups of cows, only to be repeatedly challenged by other bulls, sometimes losing their cows, other times not.  The process is repeated all day long, played to the amazing bugle sounds ringing out from each of these magnificent animals.

This guy almost crossed right here where he is looking – it would have been an amazing setting with the stream and mountains in the background!  Instead, he walked right towards me and crossed so close I couldn’t include him in the frame with my 100-400 at 100!  Who would have thought I would have needed my wide-angle lens for these guys.

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  1. Great shot! I just came back from Yellowstone and was so excited to see bull elk bugling. It took me 3 days to get a good close-up shot of a bull elk, and that was with a 300mm lens with 2x extender. Now you’ve got me jealous about how close they are in RMNP. Just another place to add to my ever growing list.

    I’m curious as to what printer you use and what type of paper you print on. I’ve had a hard time finding one that accurately matches my photos.

  2. I love watching the elk rut and especially listening to the bulging. Excellent shot! I would have been a bit worried about the bull coming so close.

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    Thanks Roberta. I was a bit worried – he didn’t really pay any attention to me, and I was by a nice big tree.

    Thanks Scott. Yeah, this is a good place to add to your list, although Yellowstone is awfully special.

    We use an Epson 4880 printer and usually Epson Premium Luster Paper. Is it the look you don’t like, or are you having trouble getting the colors to match?


  4. Hi Ron,
    I can’t get the colors to match. I’ve sent it out to 3rd party companies and also tried from my own printer. I haven’t tried calibrating my monitor yet–it’s all been such a headache. Have you ever tried CibaChrome?

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    Hi Scott,

    That was my first thought, I wonder if you have calibrated your monitor. If your monitor isn’t calibrated to a known standard, it can be really tough to get accurate colors on a print – I know we struggled with this early on, it is a slow headache!

    I haven’t tried CibaChrome – I think I have to change the black ink for that paper which is a bit of a costly pain.

  6. Sounds like an amazing experience. I’ve had similar situations with other wildlife. In every case encounters that close have always been awe inspiring. I’m ok with remembering those experiences rather than having a photo… the split seconds it takes to get the photo can often disrupt an otherwise amazing nature experience.

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    Thanks Jim. My wife Janine says the same thing. She is often glad she doesn’t have a camera so that she can better enjoy the experience – something that is often missed with a camera at your face.

  8. I love the way the cows really run the show, paying little or no attention to the bulls until they are ready.

    I’m so glad DOW took the antlers off that aggressive bull at the golf course. When we were in the Park around 2000 we saw a big bull that had lost about half of one antler and he had just waled away from the action and was nibbling grass. I guess they know instinctively what turns the gals on.

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