Byron Glacier Trail

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Byron Glacier Trail

The Byron Glacier Trail is a great, easy little trail with dramatic scenery! No other trail in South central Alaska offers as much bang for the buck, or reward for the effort.  The trail is in great condition, almost flat, and only about a mile long.  It takes you along a rushing glacier river into a dramatic, steep glacier valley to basically the base of Byron Glacier.  You go from the warmth of your car, to feeling the cool glacier breeze on this Chugach National Forest trail in a short period of time.

The trail head is located along Portage Lake.  Follow the road along the lake towards the Portage Glacier Boat Tour and you will see the trail head parking lot on the right.  Judging from the cars in the parking lot, this seems to be a popular trail – I would say there are typically a half dozen vehicles or so.  At 5:30 in the morning I had the place to myself.

In this photo I tried to include the trail itself to show the flat, smooth easy trail.  I found a spot where I could included the scenery at the end of the trail to give the viewer a taste of what’s in store for them at the end of the walk  I think the nice early light helps make the photo although most people who hike this trail will do so long after the warm alpenglow light is gone.

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  1. Love your photos. I am planning for a day trip from Anchorage towards this area, you have any recommendation on where else that is worth a visit photography wise??

  2. Post
  3. Great!!! Thank you.

    I only have one day to spare (a late flight), so I will save the Kenai Fjords for the next visit.

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