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Cable car, San Francisco, California.

Cable car, San Francisco, California.

The San Francisco cable cars are hands down the funnest way to get around just about any city.  These things have been in use around San Francisco for over a hundred years!  Today, they would never build something that required some of the passengers to stand on a narrow platform using a single bar for balance as you hang off the side of the car and sometimes pass within a foot of similar passengers hanging from on-coming cars!  It is crazy but fun.

Last week we walked almost the entire length of both routes trying to find different vantage points to photograph this attraction – these are two of a handful of photos that will one day be added to our collection of San Francisco photos.

Riding a cable car in San Francisco, California.

Riding a cable car in San Francisco, California.

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  1. Hi! great shots, captures the spirit of San Fran in my opinion. I’ve been there once, and I also found a place to photograph the cable car with alcatraz in the background. Postcard-image 🙂 Kind of cool to see that you did the same, but I know I wasn’t the first 🙂 Also that Alcatraz-image in the previous post, got one just like that myself, had to wait a long time to get the place to myself, didn’t want any tourists in the shot, just like you!

    BR, Øyvind

  2. That does look like a lot of fun! I’ve only made one real visit to San Francisco and that was a year ago, but since I have several friends there I’m hoping to get back there soon.

    Keep ’em coming! They look great!

  3. That first shot is great! It must have been some workout walking the entire cable car route–those hills are exhausting. Now you just need a shot of Janine leaning out of the car holding a box of Rice-A-Roni.

  4. Post

    Thanks a lot everyone!

    That was a lot of walking up and down hills with camera gear!

    I like the Rice–a-Roni comment – forgot about that!

    @ Øyvind Yes, after walking much of the route I ended up photographing a spot that a lot of people photograph from – this spot is popular for good reason! I was hoping to find something a little more unique! Thanks.

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