Calico Hills – Missed Photo Opportunity

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Calico Hills

As I hiked and photographed in Red Rock Canyon the last couple of days, I have been lugging along my somewhat heavy 100-400 telephoto lens just in case I find some wildlife.  I bet you know where I’m going with this.  

Well Sunday night I was rushing, afraid I would miss last light, so I left my 100-400 in the truck while we quickly set up this shot.  Wouldn’t you know it, about a minute after taking this photo, we saw a Gray Fox on the far hillside!  The 100-400 isn’t powerful enough to have filled the frame with the fox at this distance, but with such a beautiful background and the interesting patterns of red rock, I wouldn’t have needed to fill the frame.  O well, we did enjoy sitting there watching the animal work its way across the hillside.  This is the first time I have ever seen this species. 

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  1. Your wife looks like part of the sandstone w/ the colors of her outfit. Was that deliberate? Great scene. Too bad for the mental lapse. 🙁

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