Camera Trapping Photo Workshop

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Gray fox, Desert Photo Retreat, near Tucson, Arizona.

Gray fox, Desert Photo Retreat, near Tucson, Arizona.

Here is the third photo workshop we will be offering this winter at the Desert Photo Retreat – I’m sure we will add more down the road, certainly one concentrating on birds is likely, but starting with these three for now.

If you really want your wildlife photography to stand out, close wide angle lens images are the way to do this!  Especially of rare animals.  A look at the recent Wildlife Photography of the Year competition confirms this, as many of the images were captured with camera traps, or at least with camera remotes.

I am excited to announce a workshop on camera trapping!  This is an exciting one as there aren’t many places where you can offer such a workshop and come away with successful images the first night!  I’m so confident, that I’m offering a $100 money back guarantee if you don’t come away with a photo!  I’ll be providing everything, you just bring your camera, lenses and tripod.  I’ll have the camera trigger, we will most likely use the Cognisys Sabre, but the Camtraptions trigger, or even a Pluto are possibilities.  I have Nikon flashes, along with wireless triggers for any camera system, flash stands.  Everything you will need!

I will spend the afternoon explaining the process, talking about the challenges and how to over come them.  I will go over all the gear, techniques and many other considerations.  Then before sunset we will set everything up.   The next morning we will discover your reward.

This is basically run as a private workshop, so any open date is an option.  So head to the website to get all the details:  Camera Trapping Photography Workshop.

Also offering Night Sky and Stars Workshop  and an Awesome Arizona, an all-inclusive, in depth photo tour.

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