Camping on the White Rim Trail, Canyonlands.

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Star trails above our tent along the White Rim Trail, Canyonland National Park, Utah.

Star trails above our tent along the White Rim Trail, Canyonland National Park, Utah.

We just got in from 3 really fun, and productive days along the White Rim Trail,  so I thought I would do a quick post.  The star tails are the result of a 25 minute long exposure – I lit our tent with my flash light, and then stumbled out of the scene in nearly total darkness.

I really enjoyed sitting there and watching the stars and seeing shooting stars.  It has been awhile since I have spent a night under the stars – I do most of my camping and backpacking during the Alaska summer, a time stars don’t show well, if at all.

Here is a lot more information about camping on the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands.

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  1. Hey Ron,

    Cool shot. I’ve about given up on star trails with the digital thing.

    Glad you had a good trip – I’m looking forward to seeing more!



  2. Absolutely fantastic. The tent against the silhouette of the skyline and the star trails is perfect. I like that stark dark of the background with zero detail and that tent standing out like that and the placement is perfect.

  3. One of my most vivid memories of houseboating on Lake Powell were all the stars at night!! It was an incredible sight. I love the picture and it brings back great memories. Glad you had a fun ans safe 3-days!

  4. I’m planning to do a White Rim trip on my motorcycle next year. This gives me even more incentive, Ron. I’m glad you guys had a great time and I can’t wait to see some more images!

  5. I came to your blog tonight to ask if you planned to do any star trails in Moab–and there it is! Nice shot.

  6. I have tried Star Trails on a number of occasions and failed every time. I am thinking of giving them a try on Wednesday night when there is a meteor shower as well. Nothing like this to provide a little inspiration. Great work as always Ron. I look forward to more from the trip.

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  8. Sweet shot Ron. Similar question to Richard – I was wondering how long you had to light with the flashlight. With a 25 minute exposure, I wouldn’t think there were a lot of “re-dos”.

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    Thanks guys!

    I haven’t done these before, and you are right, I didn’t have much time for experimentation – that is why it was only 25 minutes, I couldn’t wait any longer to see if it was working!

    My first attempt was close, it was just too bright out. I lit the tent from the backside for about 20 seconds. There wasn’t a moon, I could have done a multi hour exposure – next time. I also did a couple of 25 minute exposures with the lens cap on just in case I need to do a black frame subtraction to remove noise. Need to read up on how to do that, but at least I have the frame.

  10. Ron, ok, this may be a stupid question – but isn’t a 25 minute exposure with the lens cap on the same as a 1/100 sec exposure with the lens cap on? 🙂 I have heard of the black frame subtraction before, but guess I don’t understand the technodetail and mechanics of it.

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    Hi Mark,

    Well this is a different kind of noise then what we usually associate with digital photography. With long exposures, you get these bright pixels. My understanding is that the dark frame needs to not only be the same length of time as your exposure, but under the same conditions (temperature, humidity etc.). So I can’t wait until I’m back in Alaska to do my 25 minute exposure, or the bright dots won’t appear in the same the quantity or intensity.

    Then I need to refresh my memory on the next step. Somehow you invert the image and combine it so that the now black dots block out the bright ones – I haven’t read up on this part for some time – a good winter project as long as I don’t delete the black frame in editing – something I already almost did!

  12. Very nice. I like how the tent shape mimics the peak. Just a graphically very strong image. There is also a bit of a diagonal line running through the stars – plane?

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