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Canon 100-400 IS

Canon 100-400 IS

I’m a bit embarrassed by all the photography gear I have accumulated over the years, and I have decided to purge some of it.  Some was duplicate thanks to my foray in 3D, but much of it was slowly replaced or not used and has just sat on a shelf.  I’m going to put it on Ebay, but they want 10% of the action, so I thought why not discount the gear and offer it here first.  I’ll have them here for a week or so.

Except when noted, I have everything including the original boxes, manuals, cloth bag and caps.  I purchased all this gear new and I’m the sole owner.  Shipping is extra.

Canon 100-400 IS.  Sold  Just spent over $400 at Canon Professional Services having the lens completely gone over in which they replaced the lens assembly and image stabilizer.  There are some minor nicks on the body, but the glass is in great shape.  Looks like they go for $900 to $950 on Ebay, I would like to get $800.

Canon 24 f/1.4 II.  Sold I have only owned this lens for a year and a half or so, and used it only a few times.  It is in great shape and cost $1,650 new at B&H.  I would like $1,050.  I am missing the manual on this lens, although it is available for download on-line.

Canon 2x extender II   Sold  Great condition, $200

Canon 17-40 f/4  Sold   Great condition – rarely used, cloth bag and lens hood never used – still in plastic bag.  $450

Canon 28-70 F/2.8  Sold  Couple of small nicks on the front edge of the filter ring, but not on the threads – filters still screw on smoothly.  Fast lens, nice for night photography.  $500.

Canon 24-105  IS  Sold  Two small scratches on front element, but otherwise in great shape.  $450

Gitzo 1548  This is a huge carbon fiber tripod.  It is older, but in decent condition.   I don’t have the boxes or manuals for it.  $350.

Original Whiberley Head.  Sold  Lots of nicks and scratches, but it is still nice a smooth in operation.    $250.

If anyone is interested in any of these, I would be happy to answer questions or send photos.

We can take Visa, MC or American Express.


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  1. I want a cannon 50 mm f1.4 . I am aware it is not listed but I think you have an extra one you may be willing to part with??? I have literally just started falling inlove with photography and the learning process. What can I say, I am a romantisist. Not hopeless quite the contrary 🙂 400 is steep. recommendations!!? Am on an adventure!!! love your photos, obviously!!! in gratitude.

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