Catching Air

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Catching Air

This is Nick jumping over my camera while launching off a steep drop.  I put a very wide-angle lens (17mm) on my camera and positioned it just below the lip, on the steepest part of the bank and used a remote to fire the camera.  Nick then got a run at the drop and launched off this hill and over my camera as I fired it.  It took a number of tries to get a decent results.  Shooting straight into the sun made it a bit tricky – I was hoping to catch Nick while he was blocking some of the sun – this was as close as I got.  The landing area was very steep, but for some reason it doesn’t appear nearly as steep in this photo.

Here is a larger version of this mountain biking photo.

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  1. Great angle Ron. Was wondering how you did this before I read what you wrote. Since you live in Alaska, you could probably try that same thing that Joel Sartore did by putting a remote camera into a carcass and photographing it being eaten. Maybe with a polar bear or something. That would be awesome.

  2. Post

    There is a lot of potential with the remote – it is how I get the above / below water shots. I don’t know if I would be willing to put my expensive camera in a carcass.

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