How Did I Capture the Ferris Wheel Photo?

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A ferris Wheel at night, Long Beach, California.

A ferris wheel at night, Long Beach, California.

Well I hate to post the same photo twice, especially in the same week, but in response to my “ask Ron” request, this was the most asked question.  More specifically, Dennis Barton wanted to know how many tries it took to capture this image, while Sheri Lyons wondered how the photo came to look like this.Read More

Legal Advice for Photographers

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Palm Trees at sunset, Newport Beach, California.

Palm Trees at sunset, Newport Beach, California.

Let me start by saying, you shouldn’t get your legal advice from friends and fellow photographers.  Having said that, let me offer some advice.  🙂

The place I turn to when I have questions is the Photographer’s Legal Guide by Carolyn Wright.  The book covers most of the legal issues one might encounter when dealing with photo business and photography issues such as copyrights, model releases, insurance and paperwork.  I think most photographers will find it very valuable. 

I have known Carolyn for a number of years now and consider her a friend – she is a wonderful person, and as a fellow photographer, she understands the industry and issues photographers face.  We have hired her on occasions when we needed large contracts reviewed, and also successfully used her for a copyright infringement suit – who better to hire then the person who wrote the book!  Read More

Singh-Ray Blog

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Dry Lake Bed, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California.

Dry Lake Bed, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California.

I have been a long time user of Singh-Ray filters, particularly their graduated neutral density filters.  So I must say I was honored when they approached me recently and asked me to contribute to their blog.  In fact, I already had the first post written in my head, as  it was a tip I thought I would post here.  Instead, I shared my discovery of the usefulness of using live-view in the positioning of graduated neutral density filters.  Well I don’t want to spoil the whole post, you can check out the whole story at the Singh-Ray blog

As far as my own blog goes, I still may do some fine tuning of the header, photo size etc., so if things look a bit funky from time to time, you will understand.

Sensor Cleaning for Digital Cameras

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A kayaker enjoying a beautiful afternoon this past Sunday on Resurrection Bay, Seward, Alaska.

A kayaker on Resurrection Bay enjoying a beautiful afternoon this past Sunday, Seward, Alaska.

A couple of months ago I wrote about a sensor cleaning liquid and wand product made by Dust-Aid.  I really like the wands, they made it easy to get the moist swaps into the champer and allowed me to reach the corners of the sensor.  But the real benefit to me was the fact this liquid could be shipped via air to places like Alaska.

Well I just tried another product that works even better!  In fact, I was able to clean my sensor with just one try in just a matter of minutes!  Read More

Camera Plates and L Brackets

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Ballhead Clamp 

Pictured is a quick release clamp on the top of a BH-55 Ballhead.

Trying to attach your camera onto the threaded post you find on top of many tripods, is a slow, awkward process that will have you leaving your tripod in the car.  By using a quick release clamp on your ballhead (pictured above), makes attaching your camera, or lens a quick and easy process.  All you need is the corresponding metal camera plate mounted to the bottom of your camera, or any lenses that may have a tripod mount. Read More

Digital Camera Sensor Cleaning

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This was from last Saturday in the Chugach National Forest, about 12 miles from Seward, Alaska.  I used two graduated neutral density filters – one on the mountain, the other for the reflection.

Sensor dust can really show in images like this where you have a uniform color as you do with the sky, and when you are stopped down, because the increased depth of field helps to show your dust spots. Read More


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Really Right Stuff BH-55 Ballhead

When you are photographing wildlife, or pursuing fleeting light, it often seems that speed and efficiency are paramount.  For this reason, I prefer to use a ball head for a tripod head.Read More