What happened to my living room????

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Folks, this is why I don’t take pictures and you should use a tripod!  Even with Ron taking care of all the camera settings I still managed to take a soft picture.  Anyway, the real reason for this post is because I found this very funny.  I stepped out of the house for literally no more than 2 or 3 minutes and I walked back into the living room to find what you see in the picture.  Ron had completely torn the living room apart and set up shop.  He had just received his latest “toy” and was like a kid at Christmas.  I could not believe he had managed to totally rearrange the room and set up that fast.  It made me laugh. 

New Computer – Falcon Northwest

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I had always heard that best way to bring attention to a blog is to write something controversial.  Little did I know, my decisions to replace my digital darkroom with a PC instead of a Mac might be controversial, but 24 comments and a bunch of links later, it was by far my most active posting.  There actually was a lot of valuable feedback in that post from many people and I really appreciate it. 

So now that I have used my new Falcon Northwest digital darkroom for a few weeks, I thought I better provide an update to that threaed.  And since I’m sitting on a plane – what a perfect time to write!Read More

New Computer – Digital Darkroom

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Well, it is year end, and we are in that position of either spend it, or give it to Uncle Sam – so we are spending baby! 

With today’s large image files, my old Pentium computer just isn’t cutting it anymore, so we made the logical decision to get Janine a new computer – yeah that’s right, Janine.  Since she does all the important parts of the office work, it is fitting I get her computer hand me downs, and she gets the screaming machine.  Actually, Janine does a lot of the image adjustment work.

 Anyway, I have been anguishing over this decision for the last couple of weeks as I researched and read countless forums, reviews etc., so I thought I would share my thought process as it may be beneficial to other photographers in a similar situation – I know I found similar write-ups valuable.  Janine thinks I’m an over-researcher 🙂 , and she is right.  Warning, this may get long!Read More

Good Bye Brady Bunch Kitchen!

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If you read the My Excuse post, you will know we have been working hard to remodel our home – new paint, carpet, blinds, etc.  The hardest, but most rewarding part was the two weeks we spent on the kitchen.  In stock cabinets, vinyl floor and Formica counters won’t get it showcased in Sunset Magazine, but it is sure a huge improvement for us!Read More

Cover Girl!

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I try to keep this blog pretty much photography related, but every now and then I have to throw in an non photography tidbit – like today, my niece Sydney Buck is gracing the front page of the Anchorage Daily News showing off her missing front teeth while skiing at Alyeska Ski Resort.  Pretty cool stuff! 

My sister says Alyeska received another 15 inches of snow last night – we are off to a good start this winter!  The skate skiing in Seward right now is awesome.  That sure makes it easier to be leaving that nice 80 degree desert weather.