Steve Irwin Killed by a Stingray

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I was sorry to hear this morning that Steve Irwin, better known as the Crocodile Hunter, was killed after getting stung in the chest by a Stingray.  He was filiming a documentary in Australia when the fluke accident happened.  I’m sure the details will come to light in the press in the days to come. Read More

Number 1 asked question

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I get many questions each month, and I try to take the time to answer each one of them – although now this blog may do some of that for me.  I anticipated questions like:  “How do you find wild wolves”, “Where is this waterfall?” “How did you capture the light in the image” or “How do you shoot northern lights?”  These are questions I have had about other photographers work.  Take all of these type questions combined and double that number, and it won’t come close to the number one question I’m asked which is:  Read More

Ron’s other half.

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I am the “behind the scene” part of the business and I like it that way.  People always ask if I photograph as well.  I am quick to answer, maybe too quick, No.  I have no interest in photography whatsoever.  I don’t even know how to use Ron’s camera’s!  But I enjoy the process of photography.  Being out in the field and experiencing nature first hand.  I love when we explore the backcountry hiking, boating, kayaking and camping.  I enjoy identifying the plants, flowers, birds and wildlife.  I am technically Ron’s “assistant” when we are in the field.  But I often forget those duties and fall short of being the ideal assistant.  But I think I make a great companion :)!Read More

Welcome to our photo blog!

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Well after undertaking a steep learning curve, we now have our blog on-line!  To think, until now I thought chicklets was a type of gum, feed was something you gave chickens and widgets were a make believe product for economic class discussion.  Wow have I learned!

Why a blog?  I think the stories behind the photos can make a photo more interesting and compelling.  I have certainly found that to be true from gallery shows and slide presentations.  In addition, I often answer questions via email and have always felt others may have similar questions and could benefit from my responses.  This blog should be a perfect vehicle for these endeavors. 

I originally started out adding articles to our website  Over many years this site has grown so large it is difficult to manage.  The thousands of pages really drag FrontPage down and make updating a time consuming process.  Having a separate blog eliminate these bottlenecks and should make adding information a breeze.

I really look forward to using the blog to post trip reports from the road.  I think it will be fun, and valuable to traveler’s looking to visit the same places.  I also plan to add ahow to articles, some for beginners, others geared more towards advanced photographers.  Finally, I intend to provide opinions, reviews and commentary about photo equipment and trends in the industry.  Janine will also be offering her unique perspective on this blog as well.

To learn more about us, visit our biography page.  In a nutshell, I’m a full-time outdoor travel and nature photographer and split my time between assignments and stock.  Janine handles much of the business side of or operation and is the real reason we are able to make a living with this wonderful lifestyle