Gray Fox Still Alive!

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Two gray-fox in the game cam.

Two gray-fox in the game cam.

If you read my last post about the gray-fox, you will understand why the first thing I did late last night was pull the game camera to inspect the images.  I knew it probably wouldn’t be conclusive because only a couple of times all winter have I seen both fox at the same time in the frame.  So,  I figured I really wouldn’t know if I’m just seeing the same one over and over, or two.  But, to my excitement and relief, both foxes appeared in a single frame a couple of nights ago, so I know conclusively they are both still alive!  So cool.

A lot of animals visited the water hole during the short time we were gone including return visits by the coyote, a number of visits by a great horned owl, numerous skunks, even a raptor which I haven’t take the time to ID – o, and lots of javelina!

Safe to say, this is the worse photo I have ever posted here, but still a good one to me!  🙂

Gray Fox?

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Gray Fox

Gray Fox.

I don’t know what happened last night, but it sure sounded horrible.

Around 2:00 a.m. I woke to a terrible crying / waling sound.  Thought maybe the local gray fox pair had caught a cotton-tail rabbit, except it just continued.  I looked outside, and on a rock ledge about 20 feet away I could see the source of the crying – one of the local foxes that we see from time to time, and appears multiple times each night on the game cam near the water hole.  On the ground just below the fox was a second fox.  A short distance away were two more sets of eye glows, but I was never able to identify these two.  Thought they might be two more foxes.

They eventually made there way down the wash and away, but the fox continued to cry loudly.

Was eager to check the game cam this morning.  The foxes were on it early in the evening, but never returned – they often grab another drink of water in the early morning but not today.  However, along with our regular visitors – hooded and stripped skunks and javelina – for the first time there was a coyote at around 10:00 pm.  I sure hope coyotes didn’t attack our fox!

This morning I couldn’t find any sign of anything.  Three vultures circled overhead in the canyon, but moved on without dropping in on anything.

I’ll be anxious to check the camera to see if the foxes are still appearing.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to check until Wednesday as we return to Alaska today to re-certify our wilderness first aid training.  I’ll keep you posted when we return.


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Gambel's Quail.

Gambel’s Quail.

We have had a great two week stretch out here at the Desert Photo Retreat!  We have had clients / guests here nearly everyday leading up to a really fun group workshop last weekend!  It is fun seeing everything begin to come together.

By the way, we still have some availability from April 22 to April 30th before we close for the season and head home to Alaska so come on out and stay or visit us!  Check the link out for the details.