Seward Flooding

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Forest Acres

We have had some heavy rain and wind the last couple of days, but today it really picked up.  The City of Seward has declared a state of emergency, and many of the roads are closed including the Seward Highway in multiple places.  The water was really deep crossing the Seward Highway at Mile 4.  I didn’t go close enough for a photo of the Seward Highway, but did take a couple of photos of other areas.  I will take a few more in an hour or so at high tide. 

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Iceosarus rex

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Like other dinosaurs, it was believed the Iceosarus rex had long been extinct.  That was until I spotted and photographed this one on the shores of Prince William Sound, Alaska this summer!  Unfortunately, this Iceosarus rex was unable to survive the incoming tide.

Ice Snail

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Ice snail

Much research as been done in recent years on Ice Worms in South central Alaska, but sadly, little is known about the Ice Worm’s larger cousin, the Ice Snail.  I was very lucky to spot this Ice Snail in front of Harriman Glacier, Prince William Sound, Alaska.