Landscaping with Native Plants of the Southwest

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Landscaping with Native Plants of the Southwest

I thought I would continue the cover theme for a couple more days since we have a nice batch of new ones.  This is a photo from Organ Pipe National Monument in Arizona during the amazing spring bloom two years ago.  This looks really appealing to me right now – in Alaska we currently have mostly dirty snow and leafless trees.  Alaska makes a drastic transition in the next couple of months.

2007 Milepost – Alaska Travel Guide

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2007 Milepost

I picked a good time to do a series of posts on our new covers as the 2007 Milepost arrived in the mail just today.  This is a cover I’m really proud and excited of as the Milepost is a long running publication that I remember well even as a kid – every vehicle traveling to and through Alaska back then and today has one of these on the dash, as well they should.  Read More

Fodor’s 2007 Costa Rica Travel Guide

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Fodor's 2007 Costa Rica Travel Guild

I think I mentioned here before that I still get a kick out of seeing my photos on the cover of publications.  Since I started doing some shameless self promotion in my last post, I thought I would continue by sharing some of our new covers over the next few days.  This cover of Fodor’s, along with the cover of Frommer’s Costa Rica 2007 are both from our trip to Costa Rica in 2004.  I haven’t written about that wonderful trip here yet, but you can go to our main website to see more of our photos of Costa Rica.

Popular Photography Magazine and Old Growth Forest

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Fallen Redwood

Most people who view a mature forest full of big beautiful trees would mistakenly call it an old growth forest.  To be an old growth forest, some of the big beautiful trees need to start falling down due to natural causes.  The fallen trees can block streams creating valuable habitat for fish and other animals, and the decomposing tree offers the forest other benefits.  This is why old growth forest is so important.

I read up on this a few years ago while visiting the redwoods and was determined to photograph an example of an old growth forest.  While out hiking one day I found this scene which I thought did just that. I knew this wouldn’t be a calendar or travel image, but we work with a number of text book companies and I thought they could use it.  So what does this have to do with Popular Photography?Read More