Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge

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Canoes in front of the Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge, Pedersen Lagoon, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska.

Canoes in front of the Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge, Pedersen Lagoon and Glacier, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska.

Some good friends invited us along for an over-night trip to Aialik Bay on their fishing boat, as they were going to deliver some large water tanks out to the Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge.  Now doing an overnight trip with good friends sounded like a great time, but it even got better!  We were actually able to stay in our own cabin at the Kenai Glacier Lodge on the shores of Pedersen Lagoon, and were joined for dinner and breakfast by Kirk Hoessle who not only owns this remote lodge, but is the owner of Alaska Wildland Adventures, a company that has been offering unique Alaska travel packages for many years now.

First a bit of history.  Years ago before I had a blog I would write an occasional piece for my website.  Back then I wrote one about my favorite place where I selected Pedersen Lagoon / glacier area as my favorite place.  Today, it is definitely still one of my favorite places.

So I must admit I was concerned when we were contacted by a developer looking to buy images of the area for a financing proposal to develop a lodge on a piece of private in-holdings within the National Park – the wrong development could really ruin the area.  That deal came and went until finally Alaska Wildland Adventures came along and leased the land.  This was good news as Alaska Wildland is an Alaska based (Girdwood) travel company with other lodges in the state and a reputation of doing things right – if it had to be developed, they were an excellent choice.  They ended up building Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge a few years ago and I was eager to finally see in person how it turned out.

So how did they do?  Frankly, they couldn’t have done a better job!  I have always been pleased that you couldn’t see any sign of the lodge from Aialik Bay, but even from within Pedersen Lagoon the shoreline cabins are barely noticeable.  The cabins have “peak a boo views” through the trees as they sit just back from the shoreline.  This not only hides the buildings, but has maintained the historic paths used by the local bear population, and I think almost enhances the view as you feel like you are part of the forest looking out at the lagoon and glacier.  They made every effort in keeping every tree possible, they even went to great lengths to protect the mossy ground cover by using special mats to move the limited equipment around the site for foundations.  Really they couldn’t have done a better job!

The wonderful development is exceeded by the actual operation.  Wonderful food, very friendly staff and nice, clean cabins and lodge.  They offer a wide variety of activities including canoeing, hiking and kayaking.   Like most nice remote lodges in Alaska that have to get by with a 100 day season, it isn’t cheap, but when you consider the price includes boat rides meals and activities, I think it is a good value.  To stay in such comfort in such an amazing remote location looking at the amazing scenery and wildlife is an opportunity that I definitely highly recommend!


Alaska Photo Tour – whales, eagles, bears and glaciers!

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    Photos all from Kenai Fjords National Park and / or Seward, Alaska.

Photos all from Kenai Fjords National Park and / or Seward, Alaska.

Imagine waking up anchored in front of an amazing tide water glacier – a glacier you watched and heard calve large ice bergs through out the night!   Off to the side is a beach where we often see bears walking to and from the nearby salmon stream.  Passing by us is the occasional harbor seal or bald eagle.  And, all this is surrounded by magnificent mountains.    And, this is just one morning of an amazing 3 day trip!

At other times during this trip we spent hours hanging out with whales – we did that on numerous occasions.  Or, we spent time with sea otters or at sea lion haul outs.  At one point we spent time at an island full of nesting puffin and numerous other sea birds.  We stuck the bow under a water fall that plummeted hundreds of feet down a granite cliff straight into the ocean.   Another night was spent in  spectacular Northwestern Fjord.

I could go on and on as this is really an amazing trip.  Did I mention the nesting bald eagles, the other active glaciers, waterfalls and amazing scenery?

I offer the only overnight photo tour into KFNP where you are accompanied by a professional photographer who can offer tips and suggestions and will make sure we are at the best places for the best light.  Not only this but I am the least expensive overnight option available.

To learn more, check out this page: Kenai Fjords Alaska photo tour scroll to the bottom to see more photos from the trip and of the research vessel I use.  You can feel free to contact us with further questions.  If you would like to see more photos of the place the Travel Channel named one of the 10 natural wonders of the world, here are more photos:  Kenai Fjords National Park photos.

Country Extra

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Janine's article in this months Country Extra!

Janine's article in this months Country Extra!


Janine's article in this months Country Extra!

Janine's article in this months Country Extra!

We both work equally hard on our photography business, but as the photographer, I get most of the recognition.  So, that is why I’m so excited to share Janine’s first published article in the current month of Country Extra!

Country had contacted us awhile back looking for whale photos for an upcoming article and asked if we would be interested in writing it.  From the early days of my career, the advice I heard over and over is the best way to get your photos published was to write articles.  Problem was, I don’t really enjoy writing and I’m not all that good at it – I’m sure the two are related.  This blog is about my limit.  🙂  But, Janine has had an interest in writing, and with the intent of creating articles she took a college writing class a few years ago.  But, we are so busy keeping up with day to day operations, it seems there isn’t time for such activity, that is until a good client like Country floats the idea out there!  Well, now that I have made a short story long – told you I’m not much of a writer – we jumped on the opportunity!

So above are a couple of images of the article.  I still remember the thrill of having my first images published and now can share that thrill with Janine as her first words are now published!


Straight up or on the rocks?

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Close-up of an iceberg, Aialik Glacier and Aialik Bay, Kenai Fjords National Park, near Seward, Alaska.

Close-up of an iceberg, Aialik Glacier and Aialik Bay, Kenai Fjords National Park, near Seward, Alaska.

Here is one from my Kenai Fjords National Park trip from earlier this month.  It has been such a busy month that this trip seems like a life time ago!

I photographed it both ways, this version with the rocks along the bottom, and a version without the rocks.  The rocks give it a visual anchor, and some context, the version without rocks is more of an abstract.  So which do you like better?

I wasn’t going to post the version without the rocks – you can either scroll up until the rocks are out of sight, or use a piece of paper or your hand to block the rocks, and that will basically give you the same image.

Party of Four?

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Sea Otters, Resurrection Bay, near Seward, Alaska.

Sea Otters, Resurrection Bay, near Seward, Alaska.

Our trip last weekend couldn’t have started off any better after finding two extremely cooperative sea otters.  After spending a bit of time photographing them, we watched as two other otters (say that fast) came swimming from near shore and joined the first two.  The four of them put on some show as they played silly otter games.  🙂

This was captured with a Canon 7D with only a 70-200 and 1.4 converter at f/6.3, 5ooth a second and ISO 400.