McCarthy Road, Wrangell St Elias National Park, Alaska.

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McCarthy Road

Of the two roads into the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, the McCarthy Road is definitely the most popular – and for a few good reasons.  For one, the road itself is more interesting and exciting.  I think you can see that in today’s photo.  This is where the road crosses a one lane bridge 238 feet above the Kuskulana River.  This bridge is actually an old railroad bridge built back in 1910 in order to haul copper from the Kennicott Mines  That leads me to another reason this road is popular; the history of the area, in particular, the mine and mill buildings in Kenecott and McCarthy.  Finally, the McCarthy Road brings you closer to and provides better views and access to the dramatic Wrangell Mountains.  Read More

How much snow do you get?

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snowy mountains

How much snow do you get is another frequent question from visitors to Alaska.  Growing up in the interior, we never saw much snow, maybe 3 to 5 feet.  On the coast here in Seward we can get a lot of snow, and just a few miles out the road they usually get much more.  About 10 years ago we set a record here in town with 18 feet!  Read More

How cold does it get?

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Snow and ice on the Wrangell Mountains, Alaska.

How cold does it get?  How much snow do you get?  What is it like in the winter?  What about the darkness?  These have to be the most asked questions by visitors to Alaska each summer, and ones I will try to also answer here over the next couple of days.  Funny, I was asking people the opposite questions in Arizona recently.  Read More