Costa Rica!

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Since I’m doing lots of office work right now, and not getting too much in the way of new images, I thought I would share yet another one from 2004.  Looking back, I would say it was a pretty good year!

I love Costa Rica, especially the Tabacon Hot Springs pictured here.  Warm, lush green rain forest and tons of wildlife!  This image was the cover of a Fodor’s travel guide for the country.

Fodor’s 2007 Costa Rica Travel Guide

Ron Niebrugge Costa Rica, Photos, Shameless Self Promotion, Travel

Fodor's 2007 Costa Rica Travel Guild

I think I mentioned here before that I still get a kick out of seeing my photos on the cover of publications.  Since I started doing some shameless self promotion in my last post, I thought I would continue by sharing some of our new covers over the next few days.  This cover of Fodor’s, along with the cover of Frommer’s Costa Rica 2007 are both from our trip to Costa Rica in 2004.  I haven’t written about that wonderful trip here yet, but you can go to our main website to see more of our photos of Costa Rica.