Luminosity Masks – HDR Revisited

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Zion Road

The road through Zion National Park, Utah.

Our eyes have the amazing ability to see details in the shadows of a scene, and the details in the highlights at the same time.  Our cameras can’t begin to capture what our eyes can see.  Photographers have been trying to replicate what our eyes can see with a camera for years – these techniques are usually referred as High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography.  Fancy words for a simple concept – makes us sound smart. 🙂  Read More

Slot Canyon

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Zion Slot Canyon

This is a narrow side canyon to the main canyon in a place I posted about a few weeks ago.  The three prior posts from the last week were from this canyon as well.

We are now caught up on all our print orders, it took a bit longer then expected, we had about 60 prints to prepare and send.  Orders coming in now will be sent within a couple of days via Priority Mail.

The blog activity might slow a little during the next couple of months.  I know, I have said that a few times before, but continued to post nearly daily.  But this time not only do we need to get caught up on our recent travels, but we have tackled a little remodel project at home, and that is keeping us pretty busy.  I probably won’t do much shooting, but I do have plenty to share from recent travels.  In February we hit the road again for a couple of months, and then it will be spring, summer and fall in Alaska, so I should have plenty to share then!


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Canyoneering photo

Janine bravely climbing a rickety make shift ladder.

While in Zion we totally got hooked on canyoneering.  We hope to do much more next fall.  We intended to take some training classes on the subject during this trip, but decided we would wait until next fall for the training since I would likely forget all I learned in the year in between.

Zion Area Waterfall

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Waterfall near Zion

Well if you follow this blog, you know how excited I was to be back in Alaska for some great winter weather.  Well unfortunately, highs in the upper 40’s and 6 inches of rain put an end to winter this week – we received 2 inches of rain on Thanksgiving day alone. 

So we decided to take advantage of the bad weather and the holiday weekend to take our office down and paint it.  Then we decided we didn’t like the new color, and painted it again. 🙂  It helps having a mom who is an artist to bail us out with color selection!  So now we are back in business.