Desert Bighorn, Zion

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Desert Bighorn, Zion

Desert Bighorn, Zion National Park, Utah

We watched this guy today chase one of the ewes around up and down these step cliffs for almost a half hour, it was very entertaining!  I have always been amazed at the steep terrain these guys can traverse with ease. 

Zion National Park, Utah

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Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park, Utah.

We drove to Zion yesterday.  When we arrived, we didn’t have much time before sunset, so I thought we would take a quick scouting trip to get a lay of the land.  We got really lucky – I stopped at a random little pull-out and started hiking into some side canyon and stumbled into this wonderful patch of color!  It was just out of view from the road.  Then we got even luckier and found a half dozen Desert Big Horn!  That may be tomorrows post.Read More

Travel Plans

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Zion Narrows

The only photography I have done over the last month has been assignment work – I’m looking forward to getting back into the field and immersing myself in photography.  We have been working hard in the office so that we will be caught up before hitting the road Friday.Read More