Teton Snow

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Teton Snow

The Jackson area has been getting some much needed rain since we arrived, which means some wonderful fresh snow on the Tetons!  Uneventful travel getting here, in fact every flight was early!

Composition and More – The Whole Story Behind a Photo

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Kayaking in the Tetons

I have received a number of emails lately asking for more of the details behind each photo.  It is a good suggestion, and I have promised to do just that on occasion.  What I thought might be interesting would be to share my detailed thought process behind a single image.  I decided to do that with this photo from our spring trip.  I think some people might be surprised all that goes into just one photo.Read More

Chapel of the Transfiguration, Grand Tetons

Ron Niebrugge Grand Tetons, Photos, Travel, Wyoming

Chapel of the Transfiguration

When Janine wasn’t with me on my Alaska travels, she was hard at work converting and adjusting photos from our spring travels.  She also got help from Jenessa who we hired part time.  When I’m traveling, my blog posts are usually photos that need little work.  I thought I would now share some other images from the spring trip – ones that required the combining of images to overcome either wide dynamic range, or for the creation of panoramic photo.Read More