New Computer – Falcon Northwest

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I had always heard that best way to bring attention to a blog is to write something controversial.  Little did I know, my decisions to replace my digital darkroom with a PC instead of a Mac might be controversial, but 24 comments and a bunch of links later, it was by far my most active posting.  There actually was a lot of valuable feedback in that post from many people and I really appreciate it. 

So now that I have used my new Falcon Northwest digital darkroom for a few weeks, I thought I better provide an update to that threaed.  And since I’m sitting on a plane – what a perfect time to write!Read More

Black Bear

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Black Bear Photo

Black Bear in Pedersen Lagoon.

An annual salmon run brings lots of black bears to the shores of Pedersen Lagoon, Kenai Fjords National Park.  I think I counted 13 separate bears over a two day period just within the lagoon!