Chilkoot River, Haines, Alaska

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Chilkoot River, Haines, Alaska

The Chilkoot River is a beautiful spot near Haines, Alaska.  Unfortunately low clouds and fog moved into Southeast Alaska making for a long 30 hour ride on the Alaska State Ferry.  Normally the ferry travels through some amazing country, but with the low clouds and fog, we rarely saw the shore, much less the surrounding mountain peaks.  I felt bad for the visitors on board, for many this is a once in a lifetime trip.  There is a reason this area is so lush and green!

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  1. Hey Ron

    Nice photo man. You have a real knack for making something outta nothing. I’d have been sleeping here. 🙂

    By the way, I got your note, thanks. I’m headed over to the Wrangells on thursday morning, and I think we’re going in from the north side – I still have to organize a few logisitics for a last minute trip. I wish I’d been over the last 2 days, because the weather in the Anc has been amazing.

    Be safe



  2. Post

    Hi Carl,

    I thought you might be out in the field – I imagine you are really busy getting setup. I will be interested in hearing about your trip – it should make for some good blog fodder!



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