Chocloate Lilies

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Chocolate lilies, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

Chocolate lilies, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

I was amazed at the thick fields of Chocolate Lilies I found during my recent bear photo tour – I have never seen anything close to it!

Now I must admit, the rest of the group did not share my enthusiasm for this wildflower – especially in light of the other bountiful subject matter, namely wonderful brown bears!  So I received a fair amount of well deserved ribbing.  🙂  But I did manage to break away for a couple of minutes to grab a few images of these interesting wildflowers.

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  2. Beautiful photo, Ron! When I was in Lake Clark Jenny was so happy when I told her I wanted to spend some time photographing wildflowers instead of bears. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break.

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