Chocolate Lily

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Chocolate Lily

Chocolate Lily near Seward, Alaska. 

I photographed this chocolate lily in the same field as the sparrows in the last two posts. 

I framed this wildflower through a tiny opening in the surrounding vegetation, while using my 600 and a 2x converter.  I like to use this 1200mm super telephoto setup for wildflowers because it allows me to put everything in front of and behind the wildflower completely out of focus, creating what I think is kind of a neat effect.

Like everything else around here, these guys are blooming really late this year.  It was nice to find some that were just opening and still pointing upwards – usually they hang down.

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  1. Ron, I wanted to ask you if you know the guide & photographer Lynn Schooler? He just wrote this book called The Blue Bear. It was a wonderful, but haunting book. Have you ever met him?

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    Thanks Beth,

    You know I haven’t had the opportunity to meet him. I believe he lives in Juneau, which is a long ways from here – although I was down there last summer. Maybe one day.



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  5. Great shot – I clicked on this one to read how you did it as initially it appeared to be the product of a lensbaby… Thanks for sharing!

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