Christmas Gift Ideas For Photographers

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Curved-Billed Thrasher, Desert Photo Retreat, Arizona.

Curved-Billed Thrasher, Desert Photo Retreat, Arizona.

I haven’t done a post like this in awhile, but thought I would share some gift ideas for the photographer in the family.

Desert Photo Retreat  For starters, how about giving them the amazing experience of staying and photographing at the Desert Photo Retreat!   Thanks to our new lower pricing, you can buy the photographer in the family a night at the Desert Photo Retreat, which gives them overnight lodging and exclusive use to our two blinds and everything else going on at the property.  They should come away with an amazing experience and photos!  Buy now, and let them book later in the winter.  Other options include a night sky photo workshop, or a camera trapping workshop.  Or go all out for a full on Arizona photo tour!

Browning Game Camera.  It is amazing at all that happens in our back yards at night, or when we aren’t around – and it is really fun to see what we are missing!  I have tried 4 different types of cameras over the last couple of years, and only the Browning I link to is still working.  In fact, it worked all summer in the Arizona heat!  Great battery life, and will also capture video if you prefer.

A ballhead Super Clamp – $12!  Seems like I can always use new ballheads and clamps to hold things like flashes, triggers, small cameras including game cams, and this little guy works great – plus you can’t beat the price.  It is made of metal and is very solid for its little size.

Inflatable Solar Powered Light  These things are just fun – they are solar powered, but have a decent battery that lasts many hours.  They put out a nice light in all directions and they even float!  Great gift not just for photographers, but anyone really.

Books – I can’t have enough books!


Moose   As a wildlife photographer, you can’t know too much about your subject, and I think it is safe to say I have more books on moose then any other subject.  This new one by Mark Raycroft is the best of the bunch!  It is great combination of information and beautiful photography.  Having spent some time photographing with Mark, I can tell you he has a true passion for wildlife, and it shows in his beautiful photography.  Any wildlife photographer would find this inspirational and informational.


Wild in Arizona: Photographing Arizona s Wildlife, A Guide to When, Where, & How  Bruce is not only an outstanding photographer, but also has a PhD in biology!  I can’t imagine a more qualified author for such a book. It is loaded with location information and photography tips.  It is a must have for any wildlife photographer visiting Arizona.  No one has helped me more with the Desert Photo Retreat then Bruce.

Wild in Arizona: Photographing Arizona’s Wildflowers, A Guide to When, Where, and How  It looks like it could be an amazing year for wildflowers in Arizona this year, and if so, there will be lots of photographers visiting from all parts of the world to capture this amazing transformation of the desert.  It would be a mistake to visit without this valuable resource!  Lots of great advice on locations, cool maps and even photography advice.  I believe this would be a good book for non-photographers as well.  This is another book written by friends of mine and great photographers, Colleen Miniuk-Sperry and Paul Gill.

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