Chugach Moonrise

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This was last night (Sunday) from my front porch!  This is looking across the bay at Mt. Alice through a 70-200 telephoto.  There is no question I have more photos of this mountain then any other subject!

I had hoped to photograph this scene on Saturday night since the last sunlight of the day would have been illuminating the mountain as the moon peaked over the ridge.  But, unfortunately about the only clouds we have seen in sometime moved in during that one hour – go figure.

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  1. I’d love to sit on your front porch with my camera!! I took lots of “moon” pictures in Tobago and had a lot of “fun” with them on photoshop!!

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    Hi Nina – it is a treat! Although I didn’t sit out there too long as it was around 20 – it was probably a lot warmer in Tobago!

  3. You can’t have too many shots of Lady Alice, as far as I’m concerned! Nice.

    I’m wondering about the Chugach reference, however. I suppose it’s to link to other photos, collections.
    These are our Kenai Mountains, lad. The Chugach Range is nice as well, but the Kenai’s deserve their own recognition.

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    Hey Harold,

    Good to hear from you! Thanks!

    Good point. You know, the reference had to do with the Chugach National Forest which I believe the portion of Mt Alice you see here is contained within – I think the boundary is just the right (South). I could be wrong. I have a category on the blog called Chugach and that is where I put anything photographed in the National Forest from here to Cordova.

  5. You are right, the peak is in the National Forest. I retract my objection…
    Keep ’em coming. Full moon tonight!

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