Chugach Posters

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Chugach Posters  Chugach Posters

It is always fun to get samples of our photos in use.  We recently received 5 really large posters celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the Chugach National Forest.  They turned out really nice – and it is fun to see our photos so large!

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  2. We saw your beautiful poster of the Chugach National Forest 100 Year Anniversary with the lupens on our recent visit to Alaska. My mother-in-law fell in love with the poster and wanted to purchase it but they could not sell it because they still needed to display it. She wants to frame it and hang it in her bedroom. I was online searching for the poster and came across your website. Are we able to purchase the poster from you or do you know where we can find one? We want to give it to her for Christmas. The trip was a dream come true for my mother-in-law and it would be a great gift for a lasting memory.

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    Hi Lu Ann,

    Thank you very much for the nice words!

    I’m glad you mother-in-law had such a great trip.

    You know, we didn’t get any extra copies of those posters, so unfortunately, we don’t have any either. We do sell fine art prints of those images if you are interested, of course they do cost more then a poster.



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