Chuparosa or Hummingbird-Bush

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Chuparosa or Hummingbird-Bush with a Saguaro

Chuparosa or Hummingbird-Bush with a Saguaro Cactus, in McDowell Mountain Regional Park, near Phoenix, Arizona.

We had an exciting experience today – saw a Desert Tortoise while mountain biking!  The Desert Tortoise spends 95% of its life in a burrow, so it is really exciting to see one.  I rode back to my truck and grabbed my camera, but much to my surprise, we were unable to find it again!  How can a turtle disappear so fast – I guess that is how it beat the hare.  🙂  So unfortunately, you get a picture of wildflowers today instead of a tortoise – maybe we will find him tomorrow.

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  1. Hey Ron,

    Which was it, a turtle or a tortoise? I’d be embarrassed to mention that even on my mtn bike I couldn’t catch either. 🙂 Speaking of which, do you leave bikes down there, or rent?

    This photo is a good example of something I’ve mentioned before, with blue sky and warm light, you seem, often, to keep the blue from getting that weird funky-digital look. Did you do any selective PS work or what?

    Thanks man.



  2. Post

    Thanks Rick.

    Hey Carl, how am I ever going to see a wolf again if I can’t find a tortoise!

    We used to rent mountain bikes on occasion, but they are usually expensive, often as much as renting a car, so we finally bought a couple and keep them down here.

    I didn’t do anything special to this image, this is the in camera jpeg with a some saturation added. This one just came out right for some reason.


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