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This tram connects the Bellagio and the Monte Carlo with the hotels and mall of City Center, Las Vegas.

This tram connects the Bellagio and the Monte Carlo with the hotels, condos and mall that are the City Center, Las Vegas. The buildings in the background makeup a portion of the Aria Hotel and Casino.

We spent the last two nights and one full day on a very quick trip to Las Vegas.  I really needed to photograph the brand new City Center.  I have an extensive collection of Las Vegas photos, but not having images of the  brand new 11 billion dollar City Center was a giant hole.  Yeah that’s right 11 billion!  So with wildflowers a bit off here, we made the quick drive to Las Vegas.

I had hoped to photograph the City Center last October, but its planned opening was delayed until December, so I walked finding vantage points outside the project in which I could get distant images.  Now I was able to photograph the huge 76 acre project from within.

I usually try to pick “quiet” times to photograph Las Vegas.  I was once there during a cold, rainy mid week evening in which I had the Strip about as much to myself as possible in a place visited by more then 35 million people a year.  🙂  Well, visiting during a warm stretch of weather, during Spring Break, St. Patrick’s Day, and right before the biggest gambling sporting event of the year wasn’t actually quiet, but fortunately it worked out.

Silk Road resturant at the Vdara hotel, City Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Silk Road restaurant at the Vdara hotel, City Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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    @ Rob – Nice images. I agree, for the most part the only time I really use HDR is for cityscapes – especially Las Vegas.

    The top image is basically straight from the camera. I combined two images two stops apart in the bottom photo – I don’t have Photomatrix with me on the road – my one copy is at the home office. Thanks.

    Thanks Richard!

  2. Wow, I was in Las Vegas in Oct. and it wasn’t done on the outside. I won’t get back there for over a year so thanks for the fantastic photos inside and out.

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  4. Certainly your images are a great compliment to the architects of this place Ron. But with all of this excess, I can’t help but wonder why people need such things. It certainly looks like an interesting place to walk through.

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    Thanks Craig!

    Thanks Mark – it is an interesting place to see, but no doubt, all of Vegas is a place of excess! To think, more people stay in one of those hotels then live within 75 miles of me.

  6. Fabulous photos. I was there over a year ago and saw the tram, but not as you captured it. What a good example of your skills as a photographer!!!

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