Colorado River

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Colorado River near Moab, Utah.

Colorado River near Moab, Utah.

This was about a half hour after sunset. To give you an idea as to how dark it was, this exposure was for 20 seconds at f/8. I did others of this scene at 30 seconds.

I couldn’t believe the rich colors the digital camera was able to capture in such dark light. These images had richer colors, and a more even and pleasing illumination, then even the ones taken at last light. For this area, this just may be my new favorite time of day!

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  1. What a great photo. If you look closely, you can see the timelines in the walls of the canyon. Terrific & beautiful shot!!

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  3. Hey, Ron…that’s a really gorgeous image!! And, it looks so WARM…something that it definitely isn’t up here. Snow, snow and more snow…I think winter has settled in early. Enjoy your days in that warm, dry climate and keep on taking all those breathtaking photos!!

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    Hey Tawny – you know it was nice in warm! But the next morning was about 39 degrees. Not bad, except we were driving around in a rented jeep with the top off! Only an Alaskan is going to rent a jeep without the top this time of year! But it was 81 by the afternoon, so no complaints.

    Thanks a lot Mark and Dennis!


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