Colorado River

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A couple of people enjoying a sandy beach along the Colorado River, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.

Descending into the Grand Canyon is such a different experience then standing on the rim.  It is far more then escaping the crowds. It is feeling and seeing the river up close.  It is the change in perspective – looking up at the massive canyon walls instead of down into them.  Your perspective changes with every step into the Canyon – it is an amazing experience!

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  1. Nice view, will enjoy seeing more.
    Isn’t that tunnel at the end of the Black Bridge cool?
    When we were there, the downstream wind was blowing sand and dust through the tunnel, one could barely make way.
    I hiked down the North Kiabab and up the Bright Angel with a geocaching gang in 2011; loved it! We camped against the cliffs at the Bright Angel campsite; also did a two day side trip to the Anasazi ruins on Clear Creek.

  2. Post

    Hi Harold,

    I figured you had been there – great trail is right! That is such a cool way to approach the bottom – through a tunnel and then over a bridge! Wanted to do the Clear Creek side trip, but not enough time. We also returned on Bright Angel – very pretty.

    Next time we want to go from the North rim and break up the nights at Cottonwood, Bright Angel and Indian Garden, that would make a great trip.

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