Colorado River Kayaking

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Janine kayaking in a cave on the Colorado River, Arizona.

Janine kayaking in a cave on the Colorado River, Arizona.

Thursday, after I wrapped up my time at the NAB Conference  we brought  couple of friends from back home kayaking on the Colorado River – one of my favorite things to do when staying in Las Vegas!

Since I had photographed this stretch of river a couple years ago, and because all my dry bags were back in Alaska – I decided not to bring my camera.  Big mistake!  This cave which had visited before looked spectacular – much, much better then before.  So  the following day (last Friday), Janine and I bought a dry bag at REI and drove back to Willow Beach, rented kayaks and repeated the trip.  That was ok with me since it was so much fun paddling on such warm weather.

So why was the cave so much better?  Since the temps were in the mid 90’s, the demand for electricity to power air conditioners in Las Vegas has increased substantially.  To produce the extra electricity, they had to push far more water through the turbines at Hover Dam which increased the water level a fair amount over our previous visit during the cool month of November  Evidently the extra water level is perfect for filling the cave, and that really increases the access to the amazing sight.

I have said this before, but I would really like to do a over night trip on this stretch of river, it is really beautiful.  We even saw some desert bighorn along the banks!

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