Common Redpoll photo

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Common Redpoll photo

It was easy to decide what photo to post today because as I sit here writing this at my desk 11 Redpolls feed on seed just a few feet away from me, on the other side of the window.  There were about 30 out there earlier.

These guys don’t come around much unless we have a snowy winter, which we do this year.  While most avian visitors to Alaska fly south for the winter, the Redpoll has an amazing ability to stay warm all winter long in even the coldest parts of Alaska.  It is pretty impressive for such a little guy.

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  1. I have TONS of Redpolls this winter. They are using the Goldfinch tube feeders, plus the niger I put on the ground as well as eating from the mixed seed feeders. What started as a few, has progressed to a big flock to now, an “infestation” (not really!!). BUT, my pocket book always apppreciated the break in the winter from the expensive niger ( I feed goldfinches all summer). The redpolls make the goldfinches look like amatuers re: eating, but then again it is winter and COLD. Anyways, they are wonderful, and seem to get along with the woodpeckers and chickadees.


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  3. living in Armagh part of Ireland and have lots of Redpolls, greenfinch, robins,sparrows, goldfinches ,bluetits ,coaltits ,greattits ,wagtails and heaps more. Lovely to have such a variety.

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    Hi Evelyn,

    It is always interesting to read about how similar places can be that are so far apart – I expect distant places to be completely different



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