Copper River Delta Detail, Alaska.

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Copper River Delta

Detail on the Copper River Delta, near Cordova, Alaska.

I remember well the first time I flew into Cordova in an Alaska Airlines jet.  Looking out the window, I was mesmerized by the rich greens and wonderful patterns in this amazing wetlands.  Unfortunately, photography isn’t practical from a jet, so I put it on the list for another day.  It has been six years, but this summer I was finally able to get back to do some aerial shooting of the Delta.  What an amazing treat!

Without a reference point for scale, I suppose this could look like a close-up of lichen on a rock.  Actually this was shot from a helicopter with the door removed.  This is looking almost straight down.  Tomorrow I will post a photo of a shot that includes the surrounding mountains to help with perspective.  The photo opportunities in this little patch alone are endless!

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