Copper River Delta Shorebirds

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Copper River Delta Shorebirds

Resting shorebirds for as far as the camera can see!  And after flying thousands of miles, who can blame them.  I stopped down the f/18, but it is hard to get much depth of field when using telephotos.  I kind of like the out of focus effect.

Today (Tuesday) there weren’t as many birds as on Monday when I captured this image.  High tide is when the best photography takes place, but today a predator (I believe it was a Merlin) passed over at high tide and cleared the birds out in a hurry.  We did get a nice break from the rain.

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  2. I like the effect too. I have seen some shots that alleviated teh DOF issue by laying in the mud w/ the lens therefore flattening the perspective. But I’m not sure I’d do that w/ expensive gear.

  3. This is amazing Ron. Love what you’ve done here, great series of images frpm the last few posts. I wish I hadn’t cancelled my plans to go! I’ll have to get over next year. Keep ’em coming!

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    Hi Richard,

    I have a way to get my gear in the mud without getting it dirty, but then I think the front row of birds would block the rest, so I was trying to get as high as possible. Thanks!

    Thanks Dave, bummer you cancelled your plans!


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