Copper River Highway

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Copper River Highway

We took a drive out the Copper River Highway – it seemed like we were going back about two months in time! 

It appeared a large snow blower had cleared a path through the drifts just wide enough for my truck.  The drifts in some places were 15 feet tall!  It would have been fun to see Child’s Glacier with all this snow, but at this time the road was only cleared to mile 40 something, and you pretty much needed 4 wheel drive to even get that far.  Child’s Glacier was still another 20 miles away.

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  1. Coming from an area that dosn’t get much snow at all! ( yeah I know its only 2 hours away we just never seem to have the time LOL) I have a hard time imagining snow that deep!

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  3. Believe it or not, parts of Trail River Road through Rocky Mt. National Park have snow banks a lot like this — but two lanes wide — when the road is first cleared for the Memorial Day opening.

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