Cordova Boat Harbor

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Cordova Boat Harbor

Cordova Alaska boat harbor during a stormy, rainy night last night. 

Yesterday we took the Alaska State Ferry from Whittier to Cordova, one of may favorite Alaska towns, to see the amazing shorebird migration.  I have always wanted to see this amazing event, and it currently is a big hole in our Chugach National Forest coverage.  Unfortunately, we have seen lots of rain, and very few birds, but that should change during the next few days… hopefully!

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    Thanks a lot Richard and Doris!

    Hey Scott – I’m here until Thursday morning. Today was amazing. I’m being told by people who come here all the time that tomorrow may be the peak, so you will be getting here just in time! It would be great to meet you.


  2. If travel goes as planned I will look for you on the beach tomorrow evening, or the next day if we miss the tide completely. Looking forward to it, thanks for the update.

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