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Cordova Alaska

A small house on the coast in Cordova, Alaska.  Forgetting the 167 inches of annual average rainfall for a second – could you imagine waking up this the 180 degree ocean and Chugach Nattional Forest view! 

I’m amazed at the high number of beautiful waterfront properties you see as you drive around the Cordova area.  You see, Cordova has a number of miles of road accessible coastline, along with a large road accessible lake and river (Eayak Lake and Eyak River).  Couple this with a population of only a couple thousand people and less then 1,000 households, and I would venture to say this town may have more waterfront property per capita then any town in America. 

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  1. What a beautiful location! I would love to have a place here; now if we could just do something about that rain!

  2. Now that you and Janine are getting richer and famouser, you should have another Alaskan home in a beautiful Alaskan coastal town. You already have all the good rain gear and Cordova would be much queter in the summer then Seward!
    Great photos as always.


    famouser is a word isn’t it?!

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    Thanks for the comments!

    Hey Calvin,

    Even if famouser is a word – it doesn’t apply to us!

    Cordova is a cool spot, between the rain and lack of road access, I think I will stick with Seward.



  4. That is just a breathtaking shot! It does look like some od the houses in La Jolla, only smaller. But it is still wonderful! I bet property prices are high, there. Or maybe there is no property left!! That is a tropical rainforest, it sounds like. That’s a lot of rain.

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    Thanks Beth!

    You know the town of Cordova as been shrinking in population, so property values are pretty low. I bet you could buy this place for far less than a small condo with out a view in La Jolla.

    You are right, it is a rain forest but not a tropical one, it is considered a temperate rain forest.

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